Viva Vaquera!

Green Chile or Bust!

Lindsay Cranek

Y'all know I love Native American jewelry...but let me tell you about my other favorite thing about New Mexico...the FOOD. I happily stuff myself with red chile, green chile, sopapillas, beans, rice, fideo, etc. on each trip! How many carbs can one person have...the answer is ALOT!  It takes lots of energy to shop all that jewelry!

Collect, y'all!

Lindsay Cranek

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I posted a pair of vintage Oscar Betz earring to my instagram last night...and it led me to think about my collections! I collect Oscar Betz Earrings and several other artist's work as well. I love them all....and that is just what a collection should be. You should love it! It probably ought to have a little value, too, but it doesn't necessarily need to be monetary value...what about sentimental value! My jewelry collections are a marketable asset, but mostly they mean something to me! I started collecting in high school, and am still doing so.  My mom got me...

Here we go!

Lindsay Cranek

Here is the new website, y'all! I solemnly vow to be ALOT better about keeping it updated! I am a one lady show and between a real job...and this job, I get a little bogged down...and the web stuff is the first to get cut! But, not anymore. Stay tuned for frequent updates!!!