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Lindsay Cranek

I posted a pair of vintage Oscar Betz earring to my instagram last night...and it led me to think about my collections! I collect Oscar Betz Earrings and several other artist's work as well. I love them all....and that is just what a collection should be. You should love it! It probably ought to have a little value, too, but it doesn't necessarily need to be monetary value...what about sentimental value! My jewelry collections are a marketable asset, but mostly they mean something to me! I started collecting in high school, and am still doing so.  My mom got me my first Oscar Betz moon & star earrings when I was 16. I fell in love then and became a collector. I got the pink ones on a wonderful trip to Santa Fe with my mom and sister. They were a major purchase for me, at the time, but have been so worth every penny! That color pink is my signature color. I wear the turquoise ones all the darn time! The big ones have been run over by a car not once, but two times! They made it through.  I hardly wear the pink, purple & turquoise giant ones, but the color combo is so interesting to me. The pale aqua pair are really not a good shape for my face, but I just like them so much, maybe my face shape will change!  I really just love them all!  Fall in love with something and COLLECT!

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  • Love this blog. I am a collector of items from Vaquera. ?

    Amber Fogelman

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